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Curiosity leads the path I walk

My Story

My Story

I grew up in the highly populated city of Lima, Peru, surrounded by a very extensive family of entrepreneurs. From them I learned valuable lessons about being persistent, resourceful, and focused on a purpose.

I had the opportunity to study at a German school in my high school years, which opened my perspective to different cultures and nurtured a desire to explore in me. When deciding what to do with my life, I figured I wanted to study a specialty that could give me the flexibility to work with different types of people, locations and topics while having an impact on people and their environment: International Business Administration.

My eagerness to learn has made me call home several cities: Rotterdam, Beijing, Washington D.C., Panama City, Quito, Santo Domingo, Fontainebleau, Abu Dhabi and most recently Berlin.

In a true generalist fashion, I have worked as a Researcher, a Consultant, a Project Manager and a Business Developer. Over the past years it became clear to me that technology has the power to transform the way we live, which lead me to Europe. I took my MBA as a starting point to learn more about it and so far I have contributed in technology first companies, learned how to code and launched a couple of things.

I enjoy meeting, working and connecting with people, especially from diverse backgrounds. Over the years, I stayed engaged and contributed to the communities I was part of through my side projects, which involved working for a education focused non-profit, advising local business on sustainability strategy, leading the fintech and blockchain club at my MBA school, and co-founding Amela, a community for female founders in Latam.

Currently, I am an investor-operator, working for a Web3 startup in Europe and investing in Latam. I am always looking for new opportunities and ways to contribute in the technology space.

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